As a business development professional who has worked at nonprofits such as People’s Health Clinic, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, I have found that working at the community level is where you really see the needs of families. As an active member of the Wasatch Caring Community Coalition, Wasatch NAMI, the Wasatch Latino Coalition, as well as a member on the County Board of Adjustment, I want to ensure concerns of residents are represented in local government.

I hold a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Utah and a BA from USC. I also founded the nonprofit Kids Rock The World, now a National Ability Center program.

I am passionate about:

-Smart growth and responsible development. More than 20,000 units are coming to Wasatch County. Development is approved and greenlighted. Our roads, schools, open space, pollution, traffic, housing, and taxes - it will all be affected. Know that I will always oppose future density.

-Good governance and transparency. Wasatch County voices need to be heard and represented. It is vitally important that community members are getting information and know how to voice their opinions.

-Open space. The people of Wasatch County have spoken loud and clear - we need to preserve open space and what makes our valley so special.

-Transportation. As development moves into our valley we need to ensure we have public transportation not only within Wasatch but also to neighboring counties where people are commuting to/from work. This affects our roads, traffic and pollution, among others.  

Wasatch County Council needs a fresh perspective on a multitude of pressing matters facing our valley during this time of public health crisis and unprecedented growth. I am a person of integrity and I will always ask first and last “Is this best thing for Wasatch County? Is this the right thing for our valley?”

Questions or Concerns? Aimee would love to hear from you.